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Cash is King

I can't believe you let a computer lure you into this. I can't get a hold of you. It's like you turned into a Facebook friend. We used to have a sensual relationship before you got big headed. We saw each other everywhere. Now we can no longer meet in small stores. We can't even travel together. I just want to make it rain again. When can I see you again, my beloved cash.

Money In The Pocket

The cash flow determines in most cases if a company goes bankrupt or not. If there's one thing to keep an eye on, it's the cash flow. The same goes for personal finances. But virtual money, bank transfers and credit cards are blurring out the true value of cash.

My Employer Refuses To Pay Me In Cash

As a bank employee I have a monthly salary that I can easily measure in a small pile of coins each day. I can deduct the time to commute, unpaid overtime and taxes and then measure the height of the pile. But when you have weeks, months or years where you can stack a greater pile outside of working hours, you start to wonder why hourly wages exist. I guess it's the invincible pile of comfort, security and pension that is overlooked. Naturally, one should be careful not to knock down that pile.

But I believe that it's important to see, and feel with your hands, the cash money you earned outside of your 9-to-5. Maybe you sold your apartment for a profit. Cash it. Maybe you received a stock dividend. Cash it. Put that cash in your pocket and your financial perspective is a realistic as it can get.

Why is Explosive Mode publishing financial articles?

Athletes are usually paid in lump sums, whether it's prize money, sponsorships or for commercial appearances. Professional athletes tend to earn considerable amounts of money during their active careers and have to learn how to manage it in order to survive after their sports careers are over. Explosive Mode featured athlete Eric Snaell (the Fit Businessman) writes about financial topics that cater to these athletes. His experience in banking, equity investments and entreneurship provides valuable information that is not taught at schools. You can find out more about these investment strategies in his upcoming book Independent Mode (Resign Anytime).

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