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Bodybuilders Turning to Explosive Training

In the 2014 December issue of Muscular Development, the leading bodybuilding magazine for hardcore bodybuilders, there is an article highlighting the benefits of explosive training for bodybuilders. According to the article, explosive training 'activates a metabolic pathway called mTOR(mammalian target of rapamycin) that regulates muscle growth and repair'. The journalist Thomas Fahey explains that 'it triggers the release of growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone and epinephrine that streamlines the body by promoting muscle growth and reducing fat'.

Some professional bodybuilders, such as Johnnie Jackson and Branch Warren, have often been critized for their bouncy and rapid weightlifting style. There is an old notion that a slow and controlled movement produces the best results for aestethic muscle development. The combination of explosive movements and heavy weights are undoubtedly increasing the risk of injury. It is natural that a controlled movement is recommended for safety reasons. Bare in mind that the aforementioned bodybuilders go for the heaviest weights possible and go for high repetitions as well. Maybe they have been on to something all along?

The article also mentions the importance of utilizing the eccentric portion of a weightlifting movement. 'High-speed eccentric training creates more muscle tension than any other form of training, yet few people incorporate it into their training programs'. It refers to a study that proved that high-speed training was best for increasing the size of fast twitch muscle fibers. The study measured the damage that was created to Z-bands— muscle fiber structures, which are particularly susceptible to injury during weight training.

This serves also as a good reminder for power athletes that like to drop the barbell when executing olympic lifts. There is actually a benefit of holding on the bar and lowering it down in a controlled fashion. Of course, the training style should be accommodated to the specific training goals. But Explosive Mode training is definitely worth a try, whether your are performance athlete or a bodybuilder.

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