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A lot of people dream of travelling and seeing new places. I sometimes dream about trying new sports. Explosive ones of course.

Yesterday I had a chance to try the Hammer throw for the first time. Turns out that when it's your turn, all the turning can either turn into an explosive throw or throw you out of the ring. It's amazing how different all the throwing events actually are. Yes, it's all hip speed but sooo much technique. I wish I had tried this when I was younger.

As a parent I feel its my duty to introduce several sports to my kids. It's likely that your sports teacher at school has similar intentions. But if neither your parents nor your school teacher will do it, then it's up to you to try different sports. And there is plenty to choose from. Below is the list from of all the sport categories in the Olympic games. One for every weekend, you know.

Alternative Explosive Sports

Extreme Sports vs Extreme Stupidity

Hmm.. The sports listed above are maybe not alternative enough. The threshold to try something new appears actually to be lower for sports where the end result is less specific. No one really knows what is a good result for a strongman race, half-marathon or a yoga class. But even my grandmother knew that a professional golf result is under par and a professional hundred meter run is under 10 seconds. To avoid defending your attempts to inquiring minds, and your grandmother, you might want to stick to the safety of an unjudgemental jogging round. Preferrably along a vaguely defined path of approximative length. (Fat Businessman tip: No electronics means no GPS trace.)

This fear of exposed failure is what is holding beer bellies at bay and baby fat on baby mamas. Unless it's a bachelor/ette party or a death race, nobody wants to try anything new.

Competitions Can Be Deadly

Only few people master self-irony, and even less master defeat. I'm not talking about a rage filled comeback or a revenge driven killing spree. I'm talking about being ambitious, competitive and loosing, and still being privately proud of participating. Resetting expectations and acknowledging your own skill level is difficult for kids that get brainwashed by American Idol and other faces of stardom.

The fear of not placing well on the scoreboard can impact your motivation. This is even before placing. Before competing. Before training. Before even trying! We have talked about using competition as a motivational tool, but there are two sides to a medal. It's worth mentioning just in case you never placed well enough to see one.

When your competition is public (and I swear they always feel like they are) your failure is instantly broadcasted to everyone who, contrary to your belief, really gives a rat's tail about your result. Of course every one noticed that you placed 50 spots weaker in this years city marathon and on top of that you were an half hour slower. How dare you even show your face in the neighbourhood?

Alternative Explosive Sports

You Don't Have To Be The Elite To Train Like An Athlete

Should I settle for less because I can't be the best? Not continue to do something I love just because my skills and genetics are not world-class? I don't think so.

I will compete even though my kids refuse to come and watch. Somehow they tend to change their mind when I tell them that I understand. I tell them 'Girls, it's not like I'm going to come and watch your boring sporting events either.' A little bit of support from the family goes a long way.

But it's not always easy to try new sports. I learned that from the Hammer throw. It is actually forbidden on most stadiums as it messes up the soccer turf. But I'm greatful for the opportunity #CSL gave me and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I didn't burn any calories but neither did I get any injuries. It was a good reminder that a sport really doesn't have to be extreme to be fun, nor dangerous to be exciting. It was an individual competition driven by camaraderie.

If you would be interested in trying some new training methods, you can join the next Explosive Mode event in your city. Check here for details. I promise not to tell your grandmother.

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