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Medicine Ball Training part II

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I suffered a minor groin strain earlier in the week while doing deep squats. A cracking sound interrupted the start of the concentric motion. So instead of running I ended up doing some Explosive Mode medicine ball work outdoors today. I started with an indoor warm-up and fired up the back muscles with some resistance training before heading out. As long as I didn't engage the inner thigh, the injury didn't bother me. At the very end of the training session I even managed to do some weighted depth drops in the stairs. I just kept the knees a bit closer together than usual and avoided squatting too low.

Here's the complete training session in detail:

Warm-up in the gym (no rest in between exercises)

25 baseball rope swings each side

25 kneeled rope crunches

15 one-armed cable low pull and full body extension (Saturday Night Fever)

15 standing rope crunches with hands behind the head

10 barbell cleans + 10 barbell rows + 10 barbell snatches

5 x lightweight barbell snatches

Medicine Ball Training for Explosive Sports (Explosive Mode)

Weight training (with moderate weight and max 45 seconds rest)

5 x 5 cleans

3 x (10 x barbell rows + 6 x deadlift from the knees)

10 Reverse grip pull-downs

3 x 10 close grip pull-downs

Calf-training circuit to let the back muscles rest:

3 x (10 calf extensions + 15 ankle jumps + 15 second static hold)

3 x 5 snatch

Medicine Ball Training for Explosive Sports - side toss (Explosive Mode)

Medicine ball training (with 5kg medicine ball)

2 x (15 side toss left+15 side toss right + 10 soccer throw against the wall)

3 x 10 straight up catapult throws

3 x 10 upper pec high throws against the wall

2 x (10 right shoulder throw + 10 left shoulder throw)

3 x 10 straight leg slams

2 x 5 x 15 depth drops in stairs with medicine ball above the head


The goal was to focus on the explosive medicine ball training and pre-exhaust the back in the gym with a mix of regular and explosive movements. I usually warm-up the back on the rower, but this time I wanted to avoid all sudden movements for the inner thighs. All weight training was done with extra caution to avoid engaging the inner thigh and aggravating the groin injury. The medicine ball throws were done with minimal knee flexion for the same reason. The gym part was done in 40 minutes and the outdoor part in 20 minutes.

Learn how to do the exercises here

You can find the first Medicine Ball article here

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