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You don't have to belong to the elite to compete

I always encourage people to sign up for a competition in order to ensure that there is a solid reason not to quit training. It doesn't really matter what type of a sports competition it is, as long as the competition matters to you. My next big competition will be the World Championships.

WMAC 2015

My road to the World Championships

Really? The World Championships? It really sounds bigger than it is. In actuality it's just the World Championships in Athletics for Masters. But for me it's big enough.

I thought it might be interesting to record my road to the games, so I will try to do weekly video updates.

Below are the updates so far.

10 weeks out

9 weeks out

8 weeks out

7 weeks out

6 weeks out

5 weeks out

4 weeks out

3 weeks out

2 weeks out

10 day taper

5 days out

WMAC 2015

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