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Medicine Ball Training (part III)

Today we had a no-legs Explosive Mode event in Luxembourg. The intention was to show how you can setup a pure upper body training session and combine calisthenics with medicine ball training. This type of training session is optimal when your legs need to rest or running is simply not possible (for instance if there is ice on the track).

Here's a quick run down of the event for those that couldn't attend.


Various skipping with arm rotation.

Core circuit with a mix of planks and shoulder movements.

Upper Body Plyometrics and Medicine Ball Training for Explosive Sports (Explosive Mode Event in Luxembourg)

1. Abs

Water bucket turns (stand with your back against your partner's back and circle the medicine ball ten times as fast as possible in both directions)

Sitting side passes (balance on your glutes and catch+return ball to your partner)

Standing ball toss to the side (throw the ball against a wall)

2. Back supersets

Vertical row + log toss forward against the wall

3. Chest supersets

Eccentric dips + chest pass against the wall

Plyometric dips + chest pass against the wall

4. Tricep‎ supersets

Tricep diamond push-up against ‎the fence + upper pec throws against the wall

5. Competition

Congratulations to Filip who won the Med ball backwards throw competition.

Cool down

Two laps on the ‎grass

‎PNF stretches


upper back

lower back

Learn how to do the exercises here

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