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Sprinting vs Running

Part II: The Best Drill To Learn Sprinting Technique

Instead of just letting gravity roll you forward, the front end mechanics take a more active role in sprinting than in long distance running.

In the video above you can see the drill I do to improve my foot strike so that all the force generated from my glutes and hamstrings is channeled in the right direction when I touch the ground. I exaggerate the knee height on every other step so that I really feel that I'm pushing myself forward. The idea is to kick with your knee and keep the foot dorsiflexed. The mental que is to 'raise your knees' rather than to 'raise your thighs'. A slight forward lean and a slightly arched back might help as well. I find that this exercise gets in me in the best possible sprinting position and I feel like flying when I do the drill into a sprint. I do this on grass to get an extra bouncy feel. Unlike long distance running, the idea is not to preserve energy but to ensure that maximal force is applied in the right direction. If you look at teenagers that train with a sprint coach, you can see the progression from 'pushing' to 'pulling'. The teenagers start to develop more muscles in the glutes and hamstrings and then learn to apply it. Their speed increases tremendously as a result.

I highly recommend watching how a professional sprinter, such as for instance Justin Gatlin, extends almost completely the leg in front when sprinting.

In order to feel the glutes and hamstring work, you can do the following exercises in the gym prior to the running.

Straight leg dead lift

Glute bridge

Glute ham raise

Straight leg swings

Don't just jog around in a circle, try some Explosive Mode training.

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