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Explosive Mode Deadlift Combo

Deadlift | Medicine Ball

Deadlifts and medicine ball throws have a lot in common. Both are full-body movements that especially trigger the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. Both force the body to engage fast-twitch muscle fibers. They are recruited by the heavy weight in the deadlift and by the speed in the medicine ball throw.

Why do we combine these two exercises? You will benefit more out of your medicine ball throws by pre-exhausting the muscles with the deadlift.

The combination can be thrown in a traditional bodybuilder's back-workout or used as an add-on in a plyometric work-out. A suggested warm-up exercise is the glute ham raise.

Explosive Mode presents Deadlift Medicine Ball Combination

Alternatively, you could use Olympic lifts, such as the Clean or Snatch to engage the same muscles in a similar fashion. However, due to the very technical nature of the Olympic lifts, the risk of injury can be high for an inexperienced lifter.

In the video below, I demonstrate three different combinations. For all around muscle development, a balanced physique and training motivation, it pays off to use multiple variations.

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