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Suspension Training

Muscle Beach Dubai

The new Muscle Beach Dubai opened in the spring. The Warehouse Gym has equipped it nicely, even though the venue is quite small. It's definitely hotter than Muscle Beach Venice, that's for sure. Just remember to wear something on your hands.

Here's some footage from the training I did there last week.

But why did I do TRX suspension training?

Well, the total physical performance of the human body is limited by it's weakest link. Strong legs are not enough to squat heavy weights and a fast arm does not produce a long javelin throw. A lot of times the body's core muscles are simply too weak to support the more dominant muscles.

This is where suspension training offers a great way of training the complete body and especially the core. This type of core training is not so popular among gym rats but often mandatory for professional performance athletes.

Train like an athlete so you look like one.

Download instructions here: Fit Businessman Outdoor Edition

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