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Band-Resisted Kettlebell Swings

We see a lot of knee injuries in the pursuit of a higher vertical jump. Plyometric training takes it's toll on the joints and usually the optimal workload is next door to ER. There are however some exercises that have been proven to increase the vertical jump without cheating death with 1RM squats and two meter drop jumps. Kettle bell swings is one exercise that has shown to increase the vertical jump just as much as weighted squat jumps.

By adding a resistance band to the kettlebell swing, we can even increase the speed element and also use a smaller weight. The resistance is biggest at the top and the fast eccentric motion is sure to fire up your body's fast twitch muscle fibers.

But shouldn't the negative (eccentric) portion of the movement be done slowly in a controlled manner? Science says no. Faster eccentric contractions result in a release of more growth factors, more satellite cells, and greater protein synthesis than slow speed eccentric contractions(Shepstone et al. Short-term high- vs. low-velocity isokinetic lengthening training results in greater hypertrophy of the elbow flexors in young men,J Appl Physiol.2005 May).

Save your joints and give it a try.

Train like an athlete so you look like one.

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