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3 x Training/Day

Have you ever tried training twice a day? How about three times on one day? I decided to give it a try.

I did it on a regular weekday and I did my normal 8 hours in the office. The training sessions were before work, during my lunch break and after work.

Here's what I did:

First Session 7 am: Crossfit

5 x 2 minutes with 1 minute breaks:

10 pistols

10 hang cleans (60kg)

10 jerks (60kg)

20 reverse snow angels


Second Session at noon: Gym

50 minutes of 10-15 reps of various push exercises and tricep movements.

Including, but not limited to, incline bench, shoulder press, face pulls, side laterals and tricep cable variations

Third Session at 6 pm: Track

Thorough warm-up including a 2K run

2 x 5 x 80m sled runs

Triple Training Day Experiment

The first and third sessions were with a coach and a training group. I performed the second session alone.

My strength levels were low in the second work-out but I managed to get an amazing pump. The last workout was tough on the lungs even though we had sufficient recovery between the runs.

I expected to get cramps in the last workout as I was sure my body was going to be short of electrolytes and minerals. I know from experience that training twice a day boosts my metabolism like crazy. Three times increased it even more.

It is surprising how well the body can recover between the sessions. I guess this is a way to teach the body to recover quicker as well. Maybe this is a way to improve training capacity.

Expectedly, my body was amped and wired by the end of the day and I had trouble falling asleep. The next morning I looked crazy shredded due to the unavoidable dehydration. The three training sessions had exhausted my body completely and had also left a suprising neck pain as a souvenir.

I don't recommend training three times a day, but I recommend trying it.

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