Marlen Esparza

Name: Marlen Esparza

Age: 25

Occupation: Boxer and Public Speaker

What training do you do outside of the boxing ring to improve your speed?

I do high interval bike workouts as well as sprinting inclines. I use resistant bands around my waist and legs to help me be explosive. I also shadowbox with handweights and do 45 second intervals with intense speed.

What is your favorite explosive upper body exercise outside of the boxing ring?

My favorite is shadowboxing explosively with handweights, as I range from 5 pounds to 20 pounds. Then using resistant bands right after.

What is your favorite explosive lower body exercise outside of the boxing ring?

Split jerks. I love split jerks and squats.

Is there an exercise used especially by boxers that only few people are aware of?

Some boxers use basketball to help with agility and hand eye coordination, it actually works really well for boxing and not a lot of people know that.

Do you have any tips for people that want to train twice a day?

Recovery is your friend. Stay hydrated throughout the day. Chocolate milk is the best thing to drink after work out and make sure you get good sleep. Recovery is important as far as cold plunge and rolling out massages. Make sure you take care of your body if you want to be working out twice a day.

What exercises would you do if you could only train one hour two times a week?

Session 1: I would do explosive weight room drill

Session 2:I would then use Boxing as my cardio and only practice very technical work

What is your view on periodisation in training?

I have learned that less is more at certain times. At the beginning of the camp I like to work hard, over doing it. Then I start to slow down and get more technical making sure I do everything correctly, quality over quantity. Towards the end I slow down completely only working on technique because I'll already be in shape. It's hard to not work out as much as I'm used to but I've learned that my body becomes more explosive and ready to compete when I rest. It took me years to believe it!

What is your favorite healthy food to pack for lunch?

I love cottage cheese with honey, peanut butter with a bagel, and bananas.

Is there a sport supplement that you recommend?

SNAC products. You have to order them online, but they are very clean products and I don't feel that I'm putting junk in my body.

What is your number one tool for fighting cravings?

I try to find the healthiest chocolate. organic fruits, organic peanuts, and ice cream if I have to have something sweet. But when I want something very unhealthy, I just concentrate on the fact that I'll only be hurting my performance.

What is in your opinion the most efficient way to recover from training?

Cold plunge and dry needling. And of course chocolate milk! LOL

Will you have a longer break now that you won the world championships?

No I will not. I feel that I did so well at the worlds, not because I won, but because I learned to control my mind more than I ever have before. I got the feeling of what it takes mentally and I don't want to lose that by taking too long of a break. I have my nationals in January and I only plan to take three days off. I will start back to working out today. There's no time for a break because I have a mission I need to accomplish. Just as long as I take care of myself, no alcohol, no staying out late, no mental distractions I don't think I will need a long break again. Until after my gold medal LOL

Where can people follow you online?

Instagram and Twitter

My Instagram name is Marlen_Esparza

My Twitter handle is @Marlen112boxing

My website is under construction and my Facebook is a fan page so people can keep up with what I'm doing but I interact a lot with my fans and friends on Twitter and Instagram.