Sports Vacation


Sports Vacation

Are you interested in a fun sports vacation where you can train every morning? This year we are headed to sunny Dubai the last week of October to do just that. And you are welcomed to join!

Sports Vacation with Explosive Mode

The main training venue will be the brand new Michael Johnson Performance Center ( The huge complex offers all new equipment and an indoor 120m four-lane running track.

Sports Vacation with Explosive Mode Sports Vacation with Explosive Mode

We will also train at one of the worlds only Crossfit beach gyms. (Yes, training outdoors on the beach with proper equipment - unbelievable, but true).

Sports Vacation with Explosive Mode

The training sessions are set to each morning from 9 to 11 AM from Monday the 28th of October to Friday the 1st of November. We recommend flying directly from Frankfurt with Emirates. Current rates for a round trip is around EUR 550-600. There is a boat hotel ( next to the performance center with nightly rates for a two person room starting at EUR 115. Travel and accomodation should be handled independently.

The coached training sessions are based on the Explosive Mode principles, but we will also allow individual training. It is a great opportunity for you that would like to have an active holiday and still have time to enjoy the destination. The setup works well even for families as the training only takes place in the morning. On the fourth day we will visit the beach gym at night. All sessions are optional.

Day 1: Sprint Technique, Agility and Re-activity

Day 2: Olympic lifts, Upper Body Strength and Explosive Power

Day 3: Plyometrics, Lower Body Strength and Explosive Power

Day 4: Core Session and Active Recovery + extra outdoor session at 8 PM at the Warehouse beach gym (entrance 105AED. located at the Beach Mall, JBR).

Day 5: Full Body Explosive Mode Workout

We recommend that you use indoor sneakers that you feel comfortable in jumping in. Spike shoes can be used on the first day and weightlifting shoes can be used on the second day. The high-end venue has all thinkable amenities.

You can confirm your participation by paying the participation fee of EUR 150 to LU93 0019 4255 1153 4000 before the 31st of March. The price includes a Explosive Mode T-shirt and a signed copy of the new Fit Businessman book. Should less than 7 persons sign up, the sports vacation will not take place and you will be refunded. We will know this on the 1st of April. Please keep this in mind before reserving the flights and accomodation.

We will create a WhatsApp group to stay in touch prior and during the sports vacation. Depending on where you stay, we can car pool if needed. If you have any questions, you DM us on Instagram #ExplosiveMode. If you have not done the preliminary sign up, then you can use the form below.