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Photoshoot Seminar

Ever wondered how fitness models prepare for photoshoots and how they look so much more amazing on photo than in real life? The answer is not Photoshop. There are tricks you can use to temporarily look more muscular and more toned. In this seminar you will learn them.

You can use them to look good for your upcoming beach holiday, honeymoon, photoshoot or other special occasion.


- What to eat and how to train leading up to the photo shoot to get a shredded look

- Tips and tricks used to accentuate parts of your body

- How to achieve muscle detail on the day of shoot

- How to polish the photos in post-production

Fitness Model Seminar


10-12 am, 10 th of December 2017


Explosive Mode Offices

7, Rue de Bitbourg

L-1273 Luxembourg

Limited places. Sign up by paying the participation fee of EUR 149 to LU53 0019 4255 11 53 4000 (BCEELULL) by the 1st of December.

For more information:

visit our MeetUp page

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