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Wireless Headphones for Explosive Mode Training


The use of self-selected music has been proven to improve athletic performance (ref 1,2) so of course result orientated athletes wear headphones. Sometimes it's to unleash the inner beast, sometimes it's to stay focused. And sometimes it's just to apprendre une nouvelle langue. But wearing extra wiring couldn't be more inconvenient in explosive sports, where a rapid hand movement can at any given moment sling-shot an Ipod out in the blue.

Luckily there are user-friendly, inexpensive and standardised wireless bluetooth headphones available on the market. As long as you remember to charge the wireless headphones along with your other fifteen electronic gadgets, you're all good to go. Of course, this is year 2014, so the marketing term 'wireless' actually means that there is one less wire. There is still a wire between the ear pads. The money-back guarantee doesn't cover overly optimistic tech fanatics. So just deal with it.

The maximum indoor radius of 10 meters (30 foot) is sufficient in a small gym. When someone steals your gym bag, the music stops. But when you train outdoors, you're better off keeping your phone or your ipad close to your body. It's actually outdoors when you notice the great benefits of wireless headphones. Now you can throw a medicine ball while listening to music. That's neat.

So to avoid getting all tangled up like Rapunzel, I highly recommend trying out some wireless headphones. You can connect them to any bluetooth equipment. It could be your laptop in your gymbag or your GPS on your bike. There's nothing like a new gadget to boost your motivation to train.


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