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A Break From Sport Specific Training

Variety Increases Motivation

I've managed to drag myself outdoors surprisingly often this snowless February. Most of the month I've been taking a break from all goal oriented training and simply trained freely. It's off-season or so called winter training at its finest. This also means doing exercises in the gym that I enjoy doing, even if they wouldn't be too useful.

A gym is located conveniently enough next to my work place. So I've been spending most of my lunch breaks there without any specific agenda. It feels weird to just train arms for instance. Most of the days I actually decide on the spot what to train.

But bear in mind that this is all complementary sports for me. I've been doing regular track work and some crossfit as general preparation. I have consumed extra calories and trained extra this month. As of March it will back to normal and I will start cutting the extra food and training.

We will publish new training footage as we move into more explosive training again.

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