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Horse Power in the Hamstrings

Focusing on the hamstrings when sprinting

The front legs of a galopping horse claws the ground with every stride. It's not a bicycle motion. It's not a skipping motion. It's a sprinting motion powered by the hamstrings. In order to achieve the similar effect when running on track, we need to feel the hamstrings work. I've found the best way to achieve this is to have slightly sore hamstrings.

This happen to me coincidentally this week again. I had this great feeling in my hamstrings when sprinting and it felt like they did all the work. My training partner wondered how come I was so fast that day. That made me wonder as well.

The day prior to running five flying 120m runs, I did the following training.

Crossfit circuit before work:

5 rounds of

4 x cleans

6 x broad jump

5 x burpee sprints

+ box jumps

Relaxed hamstring & glute workout during lunch break:

3 x Lying leg curls

3 x Romanian deadlift

3 x Barbell hip thrust

3 x Hip extension machine

Interestingly, it feels like squat exercises tend to mess up my running position. The legs get accustomed to produce intense power, but in a 'sitting' position. This is exactly the position I don't want to be in when running. I want to push the hip forward and keep myself tall. Therefore, more sport specific exercises, such as hip thrusts, feel more beneficial. Of course, if you have the possibility to run, or at least do some accelerations after the gym work out, the chosen exercise shouldn't affect the technic.

But this is from the horse's mouth. Give it a shot and let me know if you get the same results.

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