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Personal Trainer?

Individual Explosive Mode Sessions

You can walk into any commercial gym and find a personal trainer that can help you reach your fitness goals with the equipment in the gym. But what if you'd prefer to train outdoors? There is no personal trainer waiting for you to sign up in the woods. And what exactly should you do on a running track? Run in circles?

A of lot people contact me in their quest to find the answers to these questions. But I'm not a personal trainer. I'm a banker. I still use coaches and I still work out in groups. It's difficult to improve your technique unless you have a coach, and it's difficult to break mental barriers alone. Certain work-outs, such as running 8 times 300m with 4 min rest, is almost impossible for me to finish if I'm alone. And a coach, or mentor, will bring that experience that will guard me from the training mistakes and potential injuries.

So I do offer advice when I'm asked. But due to time constraints I'm unable to provide personal training for everyone. But by publishing various Explosive Mode media, we try to reach out to as many active people as possible with our team. But of course if you're looking for a personal trainer in Luxembourg, you can leave your request on the Contact page. Be aware that available hours are usually odd hours (the morning, at lunch or late in the evening). Don't forget that we specialize in Explosive Mode training and not ordinary personal training.

"I'm not a personal trainer. I'm a banker."

We also provide seminars, workshops and training session for companies and associations. So in case you are hesitant about personal training, you can ask your employer to contact us instead.

We will continue to arrange free training sessions all over the world. Our next upcoming events will be in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden) in two weeks. You can sign up on the Upcoming Events page.

See you there, or see you at work.

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