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Time your 40 yard dash yourself

How can you time your 40 yard dash yourself? How can you time your block start yourself?

Timing systems for sprinters, quarterbacks and other speed athletes are not easy to find. Running with a stopwatch in your hand is not that convenient either. In this video clip I'm using a dedicated wristwatch, a touch pad and transmitter beacons. The detection distance of the beacon is not as accurate as on the more high-end equipment that use laser beams, but that doesn't matter. I've strapped the watch around my hip to make it a bit more accurate though. One beacon is enough for each timing point. Add the gun starter app and you can compete with yourself, all by yourself. Then upload the results on your computer via USB

Sometimes it's difficult to motivate yourself to run one more time. With this type of gadgets, you just want to try and beat your previous time. No matter how many attempts it will take. That's how my daughter, who shot the footage, ended up running several times as well.

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