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FIBO 2014

First Day Feed-Back

For the first time in history, the German FIBO expo has been sold out for the whole weekend. The expo is luckily open for business owners as well on Thursday and Friday. So we did a day trip today (Thursday).

It was naturally not that crowded and it seemed that a lot of the paid spoke persons and entertainers were absent. The crowd seemed to be mostly interested in free supplement samples and the popular sport of pole dancing, while the Asian equipment manufactures were left in the cold.

YouTube faces Matt Ogus and Yucky Lavado from Legends of Aestethics (LoA) were at the Gymshark booth along with Vince 'the swole nerd' from Physics of Greatness (POG). I had a quick chat with them and gave them our new Explosive Mode shirts. I really support their movement as these guys influence a lot of youngsters in a positive way. LoA has made squats and deadlifts popular while POG has shown that you don't have to eat only chicken and rice to get results.

Jose Raymond, who is probably the most entertaining professional bodybuilder I've ever met, had bothered to show up as well. He would probably be a great training partner as he's very down to earth and has always something good to say. He received of course also an Explosive Mode T-shirt. You should check out his workout videos on Muscular Development if you haven't already.

When it comes to speed and strength equipment, I tried out the Disq bands. It's basically cords that you attach at your hip and your ankles to provide resistance. It felt actually quite good to do squat jumps while wearing them. But still a bit too clumsy and pricy (EUR 250) for my taste. But let's see when version 2.0 comes out.

Sklz has a similar product, but it works with elastic bands instead of adjustable cords. I was actually hoping Sklz would have some new products out, but nothing caught my attention.

If everything goes as planned, we'll have our own booth next year. Hope you enjoy this weekend in FIBO 2014. Otherwise, see you at FIBO 2015, or before at work.

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