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Front Squat Mobility

Anyone can learn to perform front squats effortlessly. Usually it's just a question of mobility and range of motion. In this new video you will see three stretches that will help us keep our elbows high and allow us to go all the way down in the squat position.

We stretch our groin with the help of a rubber band. We use the same band for stretching our triceps and our lats. The bridge stretch, which actually covers a lot of joints, is easily forgotten as it's not so popular among strength athletes. If necessary, you can use a foam roller or massage the tricep against the barbell to get more range of motion.

In order to get comfortable with the deep squat, I like to do pause squats. I stay for a couple of seconds down before getting up. This is a good stretch and it also removes the use of the stretch reflex which can mistakenly be used when trying to bounce back up. Try this first with your own body weight.

Instead of loading the bar up with as much weight as possible, I also demonstrate an alternative that will work your balance and core. Kettlebells are attached with bands at each end of the barbell. This causes the barbell to wobble, which in turn forces us to contract a lot of muscles just to keep the balance when standing. The video shows how the bands can be used on a squat and on a lunge. For a more challenging alternative, you can place the back foot on a box when doing the lunge. Because of the injury risk, I would not recommend performing weighted squats on a bosu ball.

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