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This week we get a glimpse of the Brazilian dance turned martial art called Capoeira. Just like in break dance battles, you don't kick to kill nor hit to hurt. Instead you impress the crowd with creative and reactive moves.

Capoeira has been gaining mass appeal in cinemas with acrobatically skilled Capoeira Mestres like Lateef Crowder. But the most fascinating feature of Capoeira, is the group spirit that instantly fills the air in a Capoeira event. The mood is set by the self-played music that accompanies the dancing. The blend of chants and laughter will convince anyone that these dancers are having a damn good time.

Our featured Capoeirista is the highest ranking woman in Grupo Capoeira Brasil, which is the largest Capoeira federation in the world. She has been teaching Capoeira all over the world. Check out our Explosive Mode interview with Jo Oliveira here.

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