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Holiday Heat

Survival of the fittest

It's always a challenge to avoid messing up all the health disciplines during holidays. Skipping training is not that serious, but pigging out on food can be. Case in point: My trip to Greece last week.

My strategy was to keep my calorie intake low and drink BSN Amino-X occasionally. As usual, there was no problem finding fresh fruit and great vegetables. I used boiled eggs as a supplementary protein source on the days I worked out. Only at the very end of the vacation, did I let all breaks go. Who wouldn't want to eat ice cream with their kids by the pool?

As for training, I wanted to avoid resting a complete week. This would be something I wouldn't mind doing after all competitions though. I'm still trying to motivate myself by competing, so it was important to at least remind the body that all muscles are needed. I ended up doing three sport sessions that week. I went to a small gym twice and I did a running session in between. The daily swimming in the pool was for play.

There's a lot of ways to maintain your fitness level during your holidays. Be on the look out for the upcoming Holiday Edition video from the Fit Businessman series. It will show you how to work out on the beach, the pool, the park and in a hotel gym.

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