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Going Soft

Soft Soles For Hard Training

A hard, but still bouncy, surface is a dream for speed athletes. Just like for weightlifters, the force towards the ground will be greater the harder the contact is. This is the reason you might see athletes perform squats in Chucks. The same physics apply to running surfaces. The fastest times are run on hard tracks. But banging your poor feet against a hard surface on every training session might limit your training frequency.

I came across a pair of lightweight Nike Terra Kiger shoes in an outlet and thought I would give them a try due to this very reason. Explosive athletes are unavoidably forefoot strikers, and this shoe seemed to have just the perfect padding under the ball of the feet. Make no mistake, this shoe is designed for running everywhere but a track. But just like Converse, Nike probably could not see this one coming.

Interestingly, it appears as if the more developed city you live in, the less soft surfaces you can find to run on. Football fields are fenced, sand roads are asphalted and parks are protected. This is when a trail shoe might come in handy. Exactly. No trails, so you buy a pair of trail shoes instead.

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