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Shift Gears for New Year's

So how did the caffeine free holiday go? Interestingly, I felt drowsy for the first five days despite sleeping longer than usual. But to be sure of the effects, I really need to do another trial during a regular work week next year.

But the absence of caffeine had no impact on my sugar cravings. No wonder as I spent the holidays in sweet Scandinavia. Of course I had to sample the newest Finnish Fazer treats and stock up on Danish Gold i.e. Lakrids A at the airport.

Anyway, the cheat meals and the year is behind us. I have to mention one of the coolest achievements for this year though. I take my hat off for my friend Eduardo who spent three months teaching touch-rugby to inmates. They even invited the national team for a friendly game. Imaging the comradery. Simply amazing. And oh yeah, the prisoners won.

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