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Runner's Haven in Vienna

I took the opportunity to visit a special shoe store during our quick visit in Austria. The store called Tony's Laufshop was recommended to me by a friend who had studied in Vienna. Not only is it one of the few stores that sell spike shoes, but it turned out to be something else as well.

At first glance the store felt small and unorganized. The shelves were probably the same ones they had installed originally when the store opened sometime before my birth date. There were no teenagers on a commission trying to push me a certain brand. The salesman approached me with the unusual request of writing my name on a waiting list. Yes, a waiting list. I would be attended to once Herr Tony was available.

Once my name was called upon, I was invited to step further in. I was greeted by a coat hanger for the jacket, a comfy chair and a wide smile. Every single one that sat down on that chair was going to purchase a pair of kicks. Most people would feel embarrassed not to.

And so did I. I ended up buying a pair of spikes. The selection was not too big, but the personal service was just too good to be true. I highly recommend you stop by there next time you are in Vienna.

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