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Investing in Change

Do you have some change?

Latvia just changed their currency to Euro. It was an expected move and we have seen what the introduction of the Euro did for 13 other countries already. Most people think of the long term effects and the situation today in Europe. But if you look at the short term effects, there is something very intersting that happened in all the stock markets. In the year that followed the currency conversion, all prices in the countries went up as well as the stock markets. How can we benefit from this? Well, one way is to buy one of the more liquid Latvian equities with the intention to hold the security for 6-12 months.

Check out www.nasdaqomxbaltic.com to see the listed securities.

Why is Explosive Mode publishing financial articles?

Athletes are usually paid in lump sums, whether it's prize money, sponsorships or for commercial appearances. Professional athletes tend to earn considerable amounts of money during their active careers and have to learn how to manage it in order to survive after their sports careers are over. Explosive Mode featured athlete Eric Snaell (the Fit Businessman) writes about financial topics that cater to these athletes. His experience in banking, equity investments and entreneurship provides valuable information that is not taught at schools. You can find out more about these investment strategies in his upcoming book Independent Mode (Resign Anytime).

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