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Plan B

The Back-Up Meal

It happened again. I failed to plan ahead and my fridge is almost empty. It's late. I know I would need to fuel my body but I really don't have the energy nor the ingredients to whip something up. This happens quite often, so I solve this re-occuring problem with something I like to call a Back-Up meal.

A lot of people assume that I have a weekly eating plan that I order one month ahead from the Internet. But that's not me. I'm busy just like everyone else. But I believe in having something healthy at my fingertips at all times. It should be something that doesn't go bad easily and it can't have too many ingredients. Something with a high protein content that can be cooked effortlessly.

During the years, the staple ingredient in my back-up meals has turned out to be eggs. The last minute shopping dialogue goes like this:

-Do you need anything from the grocery store?

-Do we have eggs? Ok, then I'm fine.

Not only do I like the taste of eggs, but they stay fresh for days. Eggs are one of the most complete protein sources there is. Make an omelette, throw in some left over veggies, spice it up with some hot sauce and you're ready to go. And there is no reason to avoid eating a bit of yolk. I actually eat so often eggs that when I'm on vacation I consciously try to have a break from them.

Speaking of yolks. Check out this video on how to remove the yolk.

Now if I've run out of eggs, I tend to use my second preferred back-up meal. This would be a bowl of oats mixed with frozen berries, raisins and bits of 99% chocolate. I sprinkle on cinnamon and add milk. Usually this is something I would eat with the omelette. In case I'm all out of eggs, I substitute the milk with a vanilla flavored Ready-to-drink protein shake. In case I've enjoyed enough carbrohydrates (read: pizza) during the day I would settle for just an omelette. Some people prefer frozen fish or perhaps heating up a soup or some porridge. I guess one of the most common choices for health enthusiasts is cottage cheese. All good choices. When it comes to protein bars though, I would use them as a last resort.

I personally believe that not having a Back-up meal is one of the biggest reasons why people fail to loose weight. The dumbest food choices are done in hunger. Forget planning exact meals, just make sure you at least have your back-up meal ingredients on your kitchen shelf for those special times. The special times when you just have to shove something down your throat so you can continue working. Regardless of the taste. Regardless of the nutritional value. The more productive you are, the more frequent those special times will be.

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