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Today's Training Session

Sunday Morning

I had exceptionally time this morning to put in an early outdoor session combined with a quick stint in the gym. We started off at 9 am skipping and jogging about four laps with my friend. The temperature was around 6 degrees celsius and the track was still quite slippery. Here's what we did.

Short stairs: 6 x skipping, 5 x two-legged jumps, 5 x one-legged jumps.

Jumps on the track: 3 x one-legged jumps for 20m with focus on frequency.

Acceleration runs: 4 x 100m

Then it was off to the gym to give the whole body a quick reminder of the power it has to be able to produce. It was all about short sets (1-2) with short reps and minimum rest. The plan was to not allow the body to get geared towards any specific movement. I just wanted to hit the body from different angles and give all muscles a wake up call. The lighter movements were done in the higher rep range of around 10, while the heavier movements were done with 2-5 repetitions. The whole circuit session did not take more than about 30 minutes.

Legs: leg extensions, laying leg curls, overhead squat, front squat, back squat, weighted leg swings, hip thrusters and straight legged deadlifts

Chest: incline bench press supersetted with plyometric push-ups.

Back and shoulders: Pull-down, clean and jerk, rowing and a back extension complex.

Abs: cable crunches and baseball twists

I really enjoy working legs in the gym after a short track work-out. The legs are not always eays to warm up in the gym. Ususally I need a minimum of 15 minutes. But hitting the weights immediately after warming up with another sport allows you to go straight to business. Weather it's tennis or basketball, the gym is a great compliment to the training. It's also a great time saver. Not only are you not forced to warm-up, cool-down and shower twice, but you actually give your body more time to recover and grow as you have fewer training sessions in the week.

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