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Group Training Sessions

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1st and 3rd Sunday of the month 11 AM at Reebok Crossfit Valens (rcv.lu)

2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 11 AM at Fitness Dionysos

Sundays at 1.30 PM outdoor training at the running track next to Parc Merl

Mondays 16.30 Explosive Mode Kids at Crossfit BearCrawl

Mondays 17.30 Explosive Mode class at Crossfit BearCrawl


Complement your current training with the weekly Explosive Mode class at the best equipped indoor training facilities in Luxembourg. Join the group training sessions to develop your speed, agility and sport specific strength. Activate your fast-twitch muscle fibers with creative and fun exercises that go beyond Olympic lifts.  We incorporate special techniques such as eccentric overloading, contrast training, full-body plyometrics, PNF stretching and much more.

Special guests announced on our Facebook and MeetUp page. No trainings during school holidays. Beginners welcome. EUR 10 per session.