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SPECIAL OFFER: Shredded 2018

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Special offer! This hardcover book is now available for 1 cent. (just shipping and handling 5 EUR worldwide.)

Hurry - only while supplies last!

Shredded 2018

Most fitness books are written by fitness professionals. This one is written by a banker.

Shredded 2018 is the prelude to the highly anticipated Fit Businessman book from Eric Snaell. In Shredded 2018, the time-crunched married father describes how the most essential, yet small, changes in nutrition and exercise can make your physique stand out within a year.

Fun and informative, pleasantly realistic, the Shredded 2018 booklet is the working man's quick guide to a lean and attainable physique from Europe's fittest banker.


Why are we giving this book out for one cent? We believe this short book is the easiest way to get busy people motivated and moving. You can read it in one evening. Everyone does not have the possibility to join our free Explosive Mode classes, but through this small guide we hope to reach and help as many workaholics and die hard parents as possible.

Offer expires as soon as we run out of books, which will be FAST, so get yours today!

Shredded 2018 retails for EUR 12.50, but we bought it for you. So you don't pay anything for the actual book. (ok, one cent because even our web shop is surprised that we offer something for free so it does not allow the price of 0.00). We just ask that you pay your shipping/handling to claim yours so that we can give out as many around the world as possible. (just EUR 5 to ship anywhere around the world!)

By the way, this is actually our #1 international best-seller (but that's of course because it's our only book for now :) But be on the lookout: the Fit Businessman book is taking over the world!).

If you prefer to listen to books, then you can download the Shredded 2018 audiobook here: www.ExplosiveMode.com/Shredded2018audiobook.html