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Anais Bauer Explosive Mode

Faster Results

The hardcover Explosive Mode book features Luxembourg’s fastest and finest. From elite to recreational athletes that have fallen in love with their sport. From sprinters to throwers, from Parkour traceurs to Chinese pole artists, the book delves deeper into the incontestable dedication of local athletes.  

Specific Power

Performance athletes specialize in resistance exercises that develop sport-specific strength.

Rather than offering an incompatible exercise program, this stylish and colorful collage depicts their methods and mentality for success in any sport.

Sneak Peak Inside

What Will You Learn?

Beyond building muscle and burning fat, Explosive Mode is the essential guide to improved athleticism. A must-have for anyone determined to excel in their ability to throw, lift, jump and sprint.

Eccentric Overloading

Activate fast-twitch muscle fibers and force your body to get stronger with this special technique. Only to be used in the off-season.

Sprint Technique

Find out how 100m champion Pol Bidane and 200m champion Anaïs Bauer structure their training and the best way for you to get faster.

Contrast Training

Combine heavy resistance exercises with superfast exercises to transfer explosive power from the gym to the stadium.

Weightlifting Technique

Learn how Bob Bertemes trains and get tips from weightlifting specialists Jonathan van Rymenants and Alexis Karakatsanis.

Eric Snaell

Eric Snaell is the author of the popular Fit Businessman book and the founder of Explosive Mode. A banker, an ageless athlete and an advocate of speed and strength training, Eric Snaell invests his spare time in entrepreneurial ventures related to local fitness initiatives. Whether it´s media production or coaching, his passion is developing and unifying the community through sport.

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