Interview with Bob Bertemes

This interview was conducted in 2018 when Shotput champion Bob Bertemes hosted the Explosive Mode class in Crossfit Valens in Luxembourg. Find out how Bob´s training has evolved since then in the new Explosive Mode bookFollow Bob Bertemes on Instagram @Bob.Bertemes

How did you get your start in shot put?

I started in the Centre de Formation when I was 12 years old and one year after Sonia (The National Throwing Coach) told me if I wanted to join her Training group in order to start throwing, which I did. After trying Discus and Javelin it became quite quick clear that I would stick with shot put and so I started focusing on shot put.

You already passed the magic 20 meter line and competed in the World Championships, so what is your goal right now?

My goal right now is to get the standard for the Indoor World Championships 2018 which is 20,80m, and this season I´m focusing on trying to get pass that other magic line – the 21m mark.

What is your favorite explosive upper and lower body exercise?

First of, we really don´t split these two. A normal day would be doing some technique shot put training and then heading to the gym and get one or two exercices done. Even these exercises aren´t pure strength because we got to stay explosive. This means we are doing some smaller exercises to transform the strength into speed.

If I had to choose one for the upper body I would go with the 20kg bench press where you launch the bar as hard as you can in the air and for the lower body I would go with the box jumps. But my absolute favorite for upper and lower body is explosive front and back schocking with different weights. It´s my absolute favorite and it is the best exercise to get explosive after weightlifting.

Is there a typical shot put exercise that you could recommend to other athletes?

I guess the most typical exercise for shot put is bench press and squat. But I really recommend box and hurdle jumps.

What is your favorite healthy food to pack for lunch?

Oat meal is the best and you can switch it everyday by adding different ingredients in it,

What is in your opinion the most efficient way to recover from training?

First of all get enough sleep, eat healthy and don´t forget to take your food supplements.

Do you have any tips for athletes that want to train twice a day?

Take a nice Siesta between the sessions, but only 20-35 min. Make sure you are eating enough and take enough time for the little things like warming up and doing stretching.

How can people follow you online and when is your next competition?

You can follow me on Instagram (bob.bertemes) but honestly I´m not posting too much stuff, but when I do I try to be funny so it´s worth it. The next Competition is going to be in January.

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