Jazmine Fenlator Interview

Interview with Jazmine Fenlator

The American–Jamaican bobsledder Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian was one of three pilots of the U.S. Olympic Bobsled team for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi before opting to compete for her father’s native country of Jamaica from 2016.

How important is the team spirit in the sport of Bobsled?

Although within our team sport we rely on each individual to perform their duties/job in order to accomplish the team success but outside of the physical aspects, team dynamics, comrodry and support is very important. It takes the success of the team and individuals to the next level.

You have uploaded a great video of Eccentric Squat Training on your YouTube channel. Can you explain the idea behind this exercise?

There is a lot of eccentric load and movement within our sport. We are moving a 400lb object breaking inertia and need to be explosive once movement occurs. This helps us gain that strength and stability of load and then by peeling off a significant amount of weight and moving it fast right after can simulate the sprinting of pushing a sled. There are mulitple ideas, theories and discussion behind eccentric training and it is often in conjunction of periodization training and cycles of a competition year for an athlete.

What is your favorite explosive upper body exercise?

Push Jerk.

What is your favorite explosive lower body exercise?

Power Clean or Bottom up Split Squats.

Is there an exercise used especially by Bobsled pilots that only few people are aware of?

No, it is more that there are exercises that are more sport specific for bobsledders over other sports. Such as Olympic Lifts verses circuit training or endurance lifts.

Do you have any tips for people that want to train twice a day?

Rest/recovery and nutrition play a huge roll in maximizing the benefits of training twice a day. Also balancing out your sessions. For me I do my speed and running work in the first session and my lifting in the second. Or if it is two lifting sessions try not to over work one muscle group in each section. Split it up between upper body and lower body and also the intensities of the session. Both sessions should not be max effort.

What exercises would you do if you could only train one hour two times a week?

Session 1: Hang or power clean, squats, push jerk.

Session 2:Clean Grip Snatch, RDLs, Lunge Step, Glute Ham Raise Iso-hold.

What is your favorite healthy food to pack for lunch?

Kale chips.

Is there a sport supplement that you recommend?

Essential Amino Acids.

What is your number one tool for fighting cravings?

Herbal Tea and Sparkling flavored water.

What is in your opinion the most efficient way to recover from training?

Nutrition (I always have essential amino acids and protein after a long or intense training session and one of the choices after other sessions, then shortly after my next meal. Hydration is included in this. This kick starts the replenishment of whatever was lost during the training and can beginning to rebuild and encourage the recovery process as fast as possible.) Rest as well, making sure getting amble hours of sleep weekly and include naps no more than 30-45 minutes long.

Can people contact you for online training?

Yes, they can contact me via my website: and complete the contact form which will then send me a direct email.

You are known for your charity work with especially children. Is there a current event that you believe everyone should be aware of?

Currently I am working with Kids Play International and Right to Play during their holiday and first of the year fundraising campaigns to bring sport lessons and the Olympic Values to kids around the world whom normally do not get the opportunity or exposure. You can follow these great organizations on twitter via @KidsPlayIntl and @RighttoPlayUSA or visit their websites to see the great work they do.

Where can people follow you online?

Twitter: @JazmineFenlator

Instagram: @JazmineFenlator

Facebook: /JazmineFenlatorBobsled


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