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  • Explosive Mode covers the necessities for a performance athlete, such as Eccentric Overloading and Contrast Training. Revealing the incontestable dedication and unexpected habits of the athlete next door, the book delves deeper into the lifestyle of local recreational and professional athletes. Featured athletes: Edoardo Angioni (Rugby & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) Anaïs Bauer (Sprint) Bob Bertemes (Shot put & Discus) Pol Bidaine (Sprint) Émilie Bleser (Parkour) Namuel Cruz (Paleo yoga, Martial arts & Sprint) Alexis Karakatsanis (Olympic weightlifting) Attila Körtvélyessy (Fitness) Nadine Lanners (High jump) Damien & Julie Matias (Crossfit) Mark Notschaele (Strongman & Powerlifting) Alessandro Pierri (MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Crossfit) Laura Piron (Chinese Pole & Trapeze) Jonathan van Rymenants (Olympic weightlifting) Mattia Vaccargiu (Breakdance & Crossfit) Sofie Verstraeten (Fitness) Mara Wagner (Figure skating)
  • The Fit Businessman offers practical advice on how to structure a yearly training plan, how to stick to a diet despite business dinners, and how to use sport supplements for improved performance and recovery. Fun and informative, pleasantly realistic, The Fit Businessman is the definitive training and nutrition guide from Europe's fittest banker.
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