The Milo Method

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“No program has made me feel the way I did after Milo´s”
Mia Rej, Odense & Denmark National Team


The Milo Method shares the personal journey, training methods, and philosophy of renowned strength and conditioning coach Emil ”Milo” Martinović.

Drawing on his journey as a freshman working for free in Elverum to one of the most respected handball S&C coaches in Norway, Milo presents a holistic approach to fitness that goes beyond just physical strength to encompass mental and spiritual well-being.

Through a collection of personal stories from some of his most successful clients, Milo demonstrates how his training methods have helped athletes achieve their goals and reach their full potential. This book is a true reflection of who Milo is and a testament to his dedication and passion for the field of strength and conditioning.

Whether you are a parent trying to help your teen become more athletic, a coach trying to engage your team, or an established player trying to outperform the elite, the Milo Method will improve your training.


Featured Athletes

Jonas Myreng Elverhøy plays Left Back for Lugi HF in Sweden. The towering heavyweighter shares his valuable insights on his training with Milo and his transition to a professional player.

Victor Skillhammar leads the troops by example. The internationally accredited team captain of KRS Norway describes the prevailing leadership styles.

Ingrid Vehusheia plays Right Wing in Oppsal and shares her experience of overcoming a career threatening injury.

Ine Flaa Lindgren built her muscle bound frame with Milo and shares her reflections regarding the coach-athlete relationship.

Leah Lægreid Nordnes and Johanna Tveitane from NTG Kongsvinger
share their experiences moving from home at the age of 15 in pursuit of their dreams.

Marthe Monen gives insights on how she overcame the injury that should never have occurred.

Merlinda Qorraj reveals how her inner drive affects her performance. The athletic Back Player is in the starting seven for Sola HK.

Alise Kristiansen & Tuva Larsen Føreland paved the way for Milo’s success at an early stage. The dynamic duo explains why the Milo Method worked so well and how they made the most out of their training during the Covid lockdowns.

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The definite guide to physical performance training for handballers from Norway’s premier strength and conditioning coach.

Emil ”Milo” Martinović presents the Milo Method – Optimizing Human Performance, the latest performance training methods for players destined to become the fastest, strongest and most explosive on the court. In the increasingly athletic and competitive world of team sports every player is technically skilled – but only the physically conditioned prevail.

Milo demystifies the core science underpinning strength and conditioning techniques to optimize human performance. The sports science scholar draws from his experience as the S&C coach of the KRS elite handball team and from years of coaching youth athletes and working with top female and male players in Scandinavia. Forthright and down-to-earth, Milo shares the direct application of scientific principles in this lavishly illustrated training guide.

Whether you are a parent trying to help your teen become more athletic, a coach trying to engage your team, or an established player trying to outperform the elite, the Milo Method provides breakthrough, science-backed gems of training wisdom that you can apply starting today!

Check out Milo on Instagram: @milocoaching

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